Zodiac B: A Chapbook in Cards

In 1922, a council of astronomers ratified the eighty-eight constellations we know today, leaving many others to fall into obscurity. Now, with prose poems dedicated to Argo the Ship, Felis the Cat, Solarium the Sundial, and a dozen more of those lost figures, Travis Smith presents a zodiac of the obsolete, the forgotten, and the lost.

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zodiac b displayed

Zodiac B is marvelous…. I love that the form of this work is not bound, that the cards can be taken individually and with each other, that the name of one being may recur on the card of another. This work inspires one to see more above and below; it is wonderful and fun.” —Ish Klein, author of Consolation and Mirth and Moving Day

“15 beautifully illustrated playing cards, each paired with a poem. Need obscure celestial guidance? Turn to the cards.” —NUVO Magazine